Whilst working in education I noticed how teachers and other professionals were spending hours creating resources and spending their own money to help the SEN children they work with. I would receive an EHCP with a list of resources a speech and language therapist and others had suggested and then plan all the hours I needed to stay after school to ensure all my students were able to progress. I knew this was a common occurrence and after hours of research it became apparent that there wasn't a company where professionals could buy the resources they needed pre made, this is when I decided something needed to be done about it. 

I wanted to create resources that represented all of the people we see around us, and ensure that no child grew up without images of people that looked like themselves. I also wanted resources that were pre-made to reduce the pressure on the professionals that were using them. This is when Discover SEN was born.


The vision is to create a world where communication resources are standardised, diverse and accessible, to reduce the support gap to lower income families and to advocate for accessible work places.

Discover SEN is about helping schools and therapists reduce their workload by creating easy to use resources and giving families the opportunity to learn and grow when an educational need, disability or disorder can feel overwhelming. By working with us you can be assured that we give back to the community with assisted sales to provide support for families below the poverty line. 

Kerry x

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New Specialist Education Company of the Year



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Kerry Thalia

Founding Director


Kerry grew up in North Wales with a strong determination that one day she would be changing lives. She has experience working with children all over the world from the Arctic Circle to Costa Rica, Kerry is responsible for drawing and designing all of the packs we create. 

Kerry has worked in mainstream and alternative provision schools in addition to providing one to one advice and care independently. She has completed a level 6 diploma in teaching and learning focussing on inclusion and diversity through which she has grown her knowledge to support Discover SEN. She is now working on a Masters in Inclusion at the University of Birmingham. 



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