Aided Language Boards

An aided language board is a picture symbol board that can be used to support communication. They are good for children or young people who struggle to communicate through speech to give input and express their thoughts and feelings.


Our aided language boards use the colours for colourful sentences as seen in the Rainbow Speakers packs. This means children can make a smooth transition to working on extended oral language.

Who? (subject / personal pronoun)

What doing? (verb)

What? (object)

Where? (place / preposition)

What like? (adjective)

When? (time adverb)


Aided language boards can be general or specific to a topic and can range in complexity and amount of language. Our aim with the Aided language boards we provide is to give schools and parents an affordable and accessible resource for communication. 


Core Board

This core board pack covers general everyday language that can be used to make requests and express choices or explain the location of something. This is a great way for a child to start using aided language boards and can encourage them to communicate where they may previously been unsure how.

  • 3 boards with increasing amounts of vocabulary

  • 2 sizes for different needs

  • Diverse and inclusive images

  • Laminated for extended use

  • Lanyard included for easy travel

  • Instructions and guidance