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Part of our aim with Discover SEN is to expand the access to resources across the world to those less fortunate. With every donation you make, we can send help to people in need, whether that's an intervention pack or some sensory toys.

Please help us reduce the amount of families struggling alone.

While most of us feel that having a neurodivergent child is difficult, when you are also struggling to put food on the table, or are unable to work and therefore struggle to access extra support and attend appointments it can feel like the world is against you.



Over 4 million children were living under the poverty line before COVID-19 a number that grew during the pandemic as over 1 million people were made redundant. Who helps these families cope and help them climb these mountains?

By donating or purchasing one of our products you can be assured that we give back to the community with gifted and assisted sales to families below the poverty line.

Curious Child
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What can your donation do?

£5 - gift a child a sensory toy pack

The gift of sensory toys is an essential part of our business, so many children seek sensory input and without intended toys for this they may try to play with something more dangerous. 

£10 - assisted payment

Sometimes it is possible for people to pay a small amount towards their resources, a £10 donation could half someones costs and make our resources accessible to them. This method of assistance is the most popular amongst those we have helped so far.

£20 - communication pack

Give a family the chance to get a communication or learning pack for free and only pay postage. This could make such a difference to a child's life giving them the means to communicate with their family and peers.

Over £50 - send support to multiple families

If you can afford to donate over £50 you will be able to enable us to reach so many more families, providing assisted sales, free packs and help to those who are struggling.

All the profits from our merchandise goes into the Assistance Fund!